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            Sistema de tradución continua baseada na web

            Copylefted libre software, used by over 2500 libre software projects and companies in over 165 countries.

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            165+ Countries

            Weblate localizes the world

            Hosted service and standalone tool with tight version control integration. Simple and clean user interface, propagation of translations across components, quality checks and automatic linking to source files.

            718 translations just now
            553 translations just now
            Proxecto PeerTube
            2232 translations just now
            2059 translations just now
            Proxecto Tasks.org
            965 translations just now
            Proxecto Catima
            1779 translations just now
            Proxecto Tachiyomi
            52 translations recently
            Proxecto MeetingBar
            3502 translations recently
            Proxecto phpMyAdmin
            5644 translations recently
            Proxecto Weblate
            5560 translations recently
            Proxecto Godot Engine
            552125 traducións
            in the last 7 days

            Users and Supporters

            openSUSE LibreOffice Fedora Freedombox Collabora
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            Linguas 30
            Proxectos 2
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            Save 15%€499
            Cadeas de orixe 10000
            Linguas 60
            Proxectos Infindo
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            Save 16%€999
            Cadeas de orixe 50000
            Linguas 100
            Proxectos Infindo
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            Save 17%€2999


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            Cadeas de orixe 10000
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            Weblate is a platform for one of the most positive and empowering communities of libre software. We learn and grow together and we connect the world.

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